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Still needs work.

On any attempt to set up a “Disk Image” or a “New Encrypted Space”, your two options to encrypt, the app stalls. In the window “Please select where you want to save” every button, including the cancel button, becomes inoperable.

works for me

very useful and easy to use

so far so good

I’ve used this app about 5 times since downloading and so far, so good… no complaints!

money waste

This app is useless. I read this from other customers but gave it a chance… a waste of money. I am requestig a full refund.


This program does not work. It's USELESS - it should be removed from the app store, it just gives errors - i have not had these problems since moving from windows to mac - this should never be allowed to be sold, i am requesting a full refund.

Could not create a secure folder

Despite several different trouble-shooting suggestions from the developer, it was impossible to create a protected folder on my iMac with latest Lion on it. Had to request refund.

Great!! Just what I was looking for!

THANKS!! Just what I needed *Creates an encrypted space with password in which you can save many files (I think of any kind, right now I have just been using .mov and .doc files) *Make the space any size (10, 100, 500 mb & 1gb seem to be just quick suggestions)--I did a test and made a 10gb space and it worked fine. *Ability to save the space anywhere on your hard drive or even on a removable disk. Unfortunately I was cheap and went for a less expensive app at first, but it did not do any of these things that I needed. This is definitely a worthwhile purchase if you are looking to protect your files!

need more space

works well but limited space

Easy, Fast, Secure. Works as advertised.

Downloaded it, used it right away. AES indeed 256, which for years to come will remain unbreakable. I preferred Disk Image, and works well, but you can also use a self-mounting image. Aimed at the novice or neophyte. You can use this TO ENCRYPT YOUR EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES, by means of creating a mountable disk image or self-mounting on the drive. Just as the actual Mac disk utility does, except easier for those that know little. Remember, If you are going to encrypt anything, always have a back up of that as well.

It doesn

Just installed, can't create nither disk image nore self-mounted space. I've managed to onece (20 attempts at least) but I couldnt open a contaner that was created.

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